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Welcome to the Bradford Curling Club website!

Street Address

125 Simcoe Road,
Bradford, ON
L3Z 1Y3
Mailing Address

P.O. Box 209.
Bradford, ON
L3Z 2A8


DATES: Tuesday Sept. 30th to Thursday Oct. 2nd

TIME:7:00 PM TO 9:00 pm

Everyone welcome come out and see what the BCC has for you.

A chance for returning members to submit your membership information.

Talk to a league convener to see what kind of a fit we have for you.

Leagues available for all age groups and from beginners to seasoned curlers.


The Bradford Curling Club is offering several FREE curling clinics prior to the start of the curling season.

These clinics are open to anyone, whether you have or have not curled in the past, just want to get your game tuned up for the season or want to see what the game is all about.

An Instructor will be at both weeknight clinics to provide instructions on curling with a delivery stick. 

Clinic times will be as follows:

Saturday October 4th 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon    and    2:00 PM to 4:00 PM *

Tuesday October 7th   9:30 AM to 11:30 AM **

Tuesday October 7th   7:00 PM to 9:00 PM *

Thursday October 9th   7:00 PM to 9:00 PM *

* For further information contact Bob Kelsey at 905-775-0456 or email at

** To register email


The Bradford Curling Club is offering a FREE curling clinic for all ladies who are available to curl on Tuesday mornings.
The clinic will be held on Tuesday October 7th from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.
All equipment is supplied and all you have to bring is a clean pair of running shoes.

If you would like more information an Open House is being held at the club for three nights starting Sept. 30 beginning at 7:00 PM or email

Everyone is invited, come out and learn all about the game.


NOTE: All Sessions Are Now Full.

The Bradford Curling Club is implementing a change requiring that all bartenders have completed smart serve training.  To support this change, the club is offering Smart Serve training for members of the Bradford Curling Club.  


Saturday September 20th at 9am - 12am facilitated by Sue Dubois

Thursday September 25th at 7pm - 10pm facilitated by Bob Kelsey

Wednesday October 8th at 7:00 - 10:00pm facilitated by Wally Kemp  

Location: Bradford Curling Club lounge 

Cost: $25.00 to be paid by cash or cheque payable to the Bradford Curling Club on the day of the training.10 spots per session.  

BCC members only at this time.  Open spots may be made available to non members closer to the dates.

Attendees should bring a pen and paper. The Smart serve work book will be provided.

Details on the training can be found on the smart serve website at

Contact Bob Kelsey to register or if you have any questions:

Please specify which session and provide name, email, and phone # when registering.


Phone: 905-775-0456


The Bradford Curling Club is located in the Holland Marsh, the heart of Canada's vegetable industry.  We welcome new members and hope that you will come out and try the sport of curling.  Conveniently located in the centre of town next to the Bradford Arena.  Please click here for a map to find us.  Wheelchair accessible.

Our curling facility gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Canadian Curling Association through its Curling Assistance Program.






The Bradford Curling Club has many sponsors in the community, if you are ever in need of the services which they provide, we would ask you to take them into consideration.

A list of these sponsors can be found on this page, by clicking on the sponsor logo on that page you can access the individual websites.


Thank you to these sponsors and their committment to the sport of curling in Bradford.

We are pleased to announce the Bradford Curling Club has been chosen, in memory of the late Superintendent Mark Grant, to receive a defibrillator as part of the Canada's 911 Ride Foundation.
Superintendent Grant was a 32 year member of the York Regional Police force and a member of the Bradford Curling Club, as a curler on Frank Badowich's Monday CYOR team , who at the age of 54 died as a result of a motor vehicle accident
The Canada 911 Ride Foundation hosts an annual police escorted motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness of the foundations causes. These include helping families of fallen emergency services workers, helping children who have been victims of violent crimes, as well as working in conjunction with the MIKEY Network to make defibrillators more readily available to save lives.
The Canada 911 Ride Foundation will also donate a plaque in memory of Superintendent Grant to be hung beside the defibrillator.
As part of the agreement the Bradford Curling Club will be required to have several club members undergo training on the proper usage of this defibrillator.
The Bradford Curling Club would like to thank both the Canada 911 Ride Foundation and the MIKEY Network for providing this valuable equipment to our club.


We have some great news for next curling season, the CYOR Men's Division has agreed to use money they have raised, through the current  curling season, to have the striking band on our stones reconditioned.

Our curling stones are one of our greatest assets with a replacement cost in access of $ 40,000. To extend the 50 year life of a set of curling stones it is necessary to recondition the running surface and striking band. This will be the first time the striking bands have been done.

The strikeband is the key in determining the life of a curling stone. Granites curling stones will chip in half moon shapes throughout the middle of the strikeband. Once this type of chipping has begun these stones cannot be re-profiled as too much material needs to be removed to get below the chip affecting the weight and dimensions of the stones.

Thank you to the CYOR Division for making this possible.

The BCC kitchen is sporting a new microwave oven made possible through the genorosity of one of our sponsors and club curlers.

Thank you to Balchen Chiropractic Centre and Kendall Balchen for donating this new microwave to the club.

New Ice Scraper

Thanks to the efforts of Gary Lamb the Bradford Curling Club has taken delivery of it's new battery powered ice scraper.

The total cost of our refurbished scraper came in a lot less than the proposed price of about $ 6000. With 13 people presently committed to donate $200.00 to the club, through the CCA donation plan, we could pay the machine off this year with about 7 more people coming on board.

The 13 previously mentioned people committed to a two year program, but with the lower cost of the scraper and 7 additional people we would only need a one year $ 200.00 committment from everybody.

The pictured scraper is not exactly like ours but it gives members the idea of what we have now as versus what we were using. This machine in addition to being a newer machine will allow the ice crew to turn the ice over much faster than the old cord powered machine.

Now how can you help the club, it is quite easy go to our fundraiser page, click on the CCA donation program, which is a tax deductible program and follow the instructions.

Fundraising Page



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